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       Exhaust is a kind of environmental protection equipment, which is mainly applied to the test station of automobile and engine. The main function of the product is to collect and discharge the poisonous and harmful gas from the automobile engine, and to make the workers in the workshop have a good working environment. According to different requirements and different use environment, use different methods of pumping. Vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other industries are widely used.

       The publishing system an integral part of the exhaust gas is mainly composed of a supporting steel structure, a smoke collecting track, track, return seal, power supply system, a smoke collecting trolley, smoke hood, a smoke collecting tube, exhaust pipe, blower, and electric control system etc.. Features are as follows:

    In the mouth, so the smoke collecting efficiency is high.

    The purpose of a smoke collecting trolley running smooth and flexible.

    The purpose of collecting hood is easy and simple in use.

    All through the electric control smoking car has automatic operation, stop, lifting and other functions.

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